White Ribbon UK offers ongoing support for our campaign volunteer network. The following resources are designed to assist you in spreading the message in various ways.

It is up to our ambassadors and champions to assess the best way to bring the message to their area, given their skillset and the needs of the community – for example, awareness events, research projects, informative articles for local newspapers and magazines, video production, music, art etc.

If the resources here do not facilitate the way you want to support the campaign, please contact us and we will do what we can to provide further support.



General Campaign Flyer


We are happy for you to print this flyer out and use it to spread the message in your community.

PowerPoint Presentation

We offer Ambassadors and Champions pre-made professional PowerPoint presentations which can be added to any campaigning, presentation or training event for organisations, communities, schools, colleges, men’s meetings, and even family and friends.

It is recommended that volunteers view the slideshow and practice timings before presenting. To avoid any media issues, ensure you have downloaded to a USB stick and e-mailed it to yourself prior to the presentation event.

Please do not deviate from the script or the slides as these presentations have been carefully curated to ensure you are delivering an accurate representation of the campaign.



PowerPoint presentation for ambassadors (Estimated presentation length: 20 min)

This presentation is for Ambassadors to show their community or workplace what White Ribbon does and why it is important for men to raise awareness of violence against women, and stand against it. The presentation should last around 20 minutes and a full script is included within the file.

White Ribbon Day 2019 – Digital Resource Kit


Hosting a White Ribbon event? Download our White Ribbon Day digital resource kit to make sure you’ve got everything you need to make it a roaring success.

Watch our video to see the great work people and organisations across the UK did during last year’s White Ribbon Day and 16 Days of Action, or click here to get more ideas.

If you are running a White Ribbon stall this year, you can get helpful information about how best to go about doing this here.

The kit contains customisable posters, flyers, social media guidelines, a useful automated PowerPoint presentation, key campaign messages/aims, and statistics on violence against women and girls.

Template Press Release


This template press release can be used by accredited organisations to promote a White Ribbon Award presentation or event. It is geared towards local authorities but can be tailored for most organisations as necessary. Some sections may also be useful for campaigning events PR.


Membership packs

Many communities across the UK will benefit from White Ribbon UK membership. Below are printable resource packs ambassadors can use to approach their local organisations for membership.